Artist Services- Membership, Websites, photography
Arts In Tulsa Membership

Since 2004 Arts In Tulsa (AIT) has been supported by artist and gallery annual memberships, Website designs and studio photography. Our popular Website gets between 4,500 and 5,000 visitors a month, generating up to 183,000 hits. This ensures we always show up at or near the top in Google & Yahoo searches for art subjects in Tulsa!

JOIN & RENEW by PayPal:
Artist Membership
$48 by Credit Card
Artist Membership with doteasy domain renewal
$73 by Credit Card
Artist Membership with domain renewal
$96 by Credit Card
Gallery and Art Organization membership
$75 by Credit Card
All donations are used by Arts In Tulsa for marketing and PR activities that benefit all Tulsa area artists.
PAYMENTS BY CHECK: Please make your check out to MGL Designs and Mail it to: Arts In Tulsa
1001 E. 19th St.
Tulsa, OK 74120

ANNUAL MEMBER BENEFITS: AIT is Tulsa's biggest Online Arts Community, providing a centralized Website through which visitors discover your own art Website. No monthly fees or commissions due on sold art.

  1. MONTHLY E-MAIL UPDATES: Stay informed about what's happening in the Tulsa art scene. We e-mail you about upcoming art shows, openings and opportunities. We also send out scam alerts, give technical or computer advice and let you know who else is joining Arts In Tulsa.
  2. VIRTUAL GALLERIES: Anyone visit your Website lately? Participate in our periodic Virtual Galley by e-mailing us an image and we'll post it along with title, subject, medium and price, then provide a link to your Website, so interested visitors can view all your artwork.
  3. PROFESSIONAL VISIBILITY: We show up first on Google searches for Tulsa Art subjects every time. With over 90 member artists and galleries, AIT attracts the attention of collectors, gallery owners, show organizers and art buyers worldwide with a 24/7 portfolio. How else are people going to find your website?
  4. PROFILE BANNER: We construct a Profile Banner for you, giving visitors all of your contact, bio and artwork information. The banner is then placed in all subject, medium and style search categories relevant to your art. EXAMPLE:

    Sarah Davison
    Sarah is a celebrated jewelry designer who works primarily with kiln fired Precious Metal Clay to create original pieces impressed with words, textures and characters. Her unique jewelry can be purchased from her Website or at In Your Eye Gallery in OKC.
    a r

    Precious metal silver and gold clay pendants on beaded necklaces, rings, earrings and broaches.


    918-492-6398 Website
    Silver Leaf with Pearls
Please call: 918-813-0418 for an appointment
Whether you decide to opt for a custom-designed Website or a template-based one, Arts In Tulsa will add hidden meta-tag descriptions and keywords to your Website. These meta-tags help Google, Yahoo and other search engine spiderbots find your Website. We'll even help you select the proper domain name to register with a domain name and Web hosting company that is inexpensive and reliable. We'll also register your Website with Google.
Template Websites
Although these Websites have the appearance of a customized Website, they were template designed for quick setups, turnaround and uploads. YOU SAVE MONEY & WE SAVE TIME. The layouts, design and fonts stay fixed, but accent and background colors can be modified as desired. And, of course, all the info and biography is yours.
click thumbnail images to see working Website samples
Template Website #1 Template Website #2 Template Website #3 Template Website #4
Template 1 Template 2 Template 3 Template 4

Add'l Gallery Page(s) with 10 enlargeable artworks $150 ea.
Add or exchange artwork (recommended just before your show or at least every year) $10 ea.
Studio photography of artwork, saved in print and web formats to CD $10 ea. for 2D art

Starting at $450

Arts In Tulsa has designed scores of customized Websites since 2004, each one reflecting the personality, style and/or design wishes of the artist. This fee includes:

  • Bio, contact info and 12 enlargeable images
  • Overall original Home page design, including layout, font choices and link buttons (even to blogs and facebook)
  • Easy-browsing mouse-over technique
  • F irst year membership to AIT ($48 value)
  • Domain name registration
click Website Links to see working Website samples
"Clean" White Websites Personality Websites Mouse-over Websites Multi-Page/ Category Sites
AIT silkdegrees Website
AIT Linda Wilson
Add'l Gallery Page(s) with 10 enlargeable artworks $150 ea.
Biography or event calendar Page with details $150 ea.
Mouse-over information panels (instead of full page) $75 ea.
Flash-generated slide show with 5 repeating images $75
Add or exchange artwork (recommended just before your show or at least every year) $10 ea.
Studio photography of artwork, saved in print and web formats to CD $10 ea. for 2D art
Call 918-382-0085
More Details
Studio Photography  
2D Artwork- (behind glass OK) $10 small
$15 large
3D Artwork
(depends on size and views)
$15- $50
Portraits (3 variations) $35
Location Photography  
1/2 Day (indoor or out) $250
Hourly after 1/2 Day $50
Full Day $500

All Photos come burned on CD with both printable (300 dpi) & Web (72 dpi) images.
Min. photo charge is $35, so group artwork
Arts In can help with any additional creative services you require, including creating a logo, brochure, business card, show postcard and commercialization of your art.

Creative Services

internet tutorials

How to properly light your artwork using an inexpensive diffusing lighting setup. Basic composition, camera positioning & lens choices.

$45 for 2 hours


How to scan, edit, resize, enhance, and save photos to optimize results needed for prints, e-mails, and Websites.

$45 for 2 hours


Internet terms & basic mechanics.
How to download Web pages, exchange and update artwork images and upload again using inexpensive ftp & Web design programs.

$75 for 3 hours

CALL 918-382-0085 to find out when these sessions will be taking place.

1001 E. 19th St., Tulsa, OK 74120