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Dennis R. Scott artwork

Dennis Scott , a retired English teacher, now dedicates himself fulltime to the digital creations he calls "accidental" art. He is also a writer, lyricist, poet and craftsman. Dennis has exhibited work at the Blue Dome, River Walk and Cherry Street Arts Festivals and his prints have been displayed at Tsunami’s restaurant and Saffron Coffee Shop.

Although Dennis prefers not to label his art style, it could be considered abstract, expressionistic or surreal. You can buy the giclee prints on canvas and watercolor paper from his Website.
918-743-4254 Website

Damon Vincent artwork
Damon Vincent is an emerging artist in the Tulsa area who believes in exploring his creative potential with a tactile approach in a wide variety of mediums. His stone carving work is often designed to suit his clients, but in other mediums he lets his artistic visions guide him.
Multi-Media- Stone carving, stained glass, mosaics and photography, with an emphasis on abstract subjects.
918-697-5975 Website

Cathy Leigh Lamb
“Beauty feeds the soul”. Cat's art is influenced by her surroundings, experiences, love of animals and her Celtic ~ Native American heritage. She believes everyone has a story and hopes her work can make someone smile or remember a beautiful life experience.
Mixed Media - Hand painted silk, printmaking, watercolor, handmade paper. Recycled journals to 3D body forms. Custom order scarves.
918-207-7066 Website

Kay Blanchard-Grell
At age nine Kay realized she could express her fascination with light and color artistically.  As the years passed, Kay discovered a creative expression influenced by a combination of her active imagination, classical art education and her strong contemplative nature. Kay says she "follows the glow within my being to create what I share with you."
Originals and reproductions of paintings, penwork, and mixed media in the subjects of fantasy, landscapes, florals, portraits and pets.
918-630-4098 Website Coming Soon

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